Humble pie…

23 Jun

My weekend definitely did not go as planned. I was all set for a relaxing weekend at home – out of the heat – reading, praying, napping (my personal favorite)…housework, laundry. All that came to nothing. I was sick most of the weekend. So, half of what I wanted to achieve this weekend didn’t happen. I did manage to get to church Sunday, but the rest of the day went downhill from there.

Needless to say, I’m behind on my meditations. But, no worries – I shall pick myself up and keep moving from here.

Last night I thought through some of the issues that were raised in my reading about humility. I think it was a good that I got sick this weekend – not because I particularly enjoy being sick, but because it forced me to stop at Day Three and camp there, which is what I did last night, and may do again tonight. As a matter of fact, I may put the actual True Makeover meditations on hold for a minute and spend some time working through the recent series on ROH about meekness. I was listening to the program on the way to work today, and became convinced of this when I found out the title of today’s message: Think before you speak. Whaaaa? Oh boy!

Why does the Lord insist on messing with me? Of course, I say that tongue in cheek! But boy, oh boy – this is a rough road I’m traveling right now. But, what does Hebrews 12 talk about? God is treating me as His child through the discipline He administers. So I suppose I should worry when the Lord stops messing with me, eh?

Well talk more later…until then…

Grace and peace…

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